Stores that deal with heavy vehicles replacement parts and accessories

Traction is Canada's largest network of stores that sell parts, accessories, tools, and equipment for trucks and trailers. It's also the only network that's present from coast to coast with more than 120 stores. The Traction network offers more than 500,000 products from over 1,000 suppliers dedicated to trucks and trailers.

In every Traction store, you can count on the expertise and service of heavy vehicles specialists. The Traction network serves single truck operators as well as businesses with fleets of several thousand trucks and trailers. Traction services all sectors, including freight transportation, public services, construction, mining, forestry, passenger transportation, to name a few.

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Heavy vehicles service centres

TruckPro is part of the larger UAP network with more than 125 service and mechanical maintenance repair centres for heavy vehicles in Canada. The banner includes 820 service doors and nearly 900 mechanics who specialize in heavy vehicles.

TruckPro has excellent expertise. Even large fleets with their own workshops rely on the expertise of TruckPro repair centres at times. We serve a broad range of customers, from owner‑operators and national fleets to motorhome enthusiasts. TruckPro offers many services, such as preventative maintenance, government inspections and mobile service.

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Heavy vehicles parts distribution centres

TW is Canada's leading distributor of heavy vehicles parts. With 4 distribution centres strategically located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal, TW supplies our network of Traction stores, TruckPro repair centres, independent distributors, heavy vehicles repair shops and trailer manufacturers.

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Specialized heavy vehicles parts distribution centres

Our Cadel brand gathers 3 distribution centres dedicated to diesel engines and heavy equipment parts and accessories for niche markets such as original equipment manufacturers, diesel injection specialists, independent wholesalers, dealers, and the railroad industry. To cover the Canadian market, we have 3 distribution centres located in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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