• Over The Years...

    Over the years, UAP has built a solid reputation for excellent products. Founded in 1926, UAP’s momentum continues to drive profitable growth. Today, UAP has some 4,000 employees.

  • The Very Beginning

    United Auto Parts Limited is founded by Charles E. Préfontaine.

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  • Cadel

    The company opens a specialized distribution centre for spare parts for electrical and internal combustion systems, diesel injection engines, air-cooling engines and other products.

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  • Traction

    Founded in 1963 in partnership with Hayes-Dana, UAP expands services to include heavy vehicle industry.

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  • Public Company

    United Auto Parts becomes a public company, issuing 235,000 class A stocks on Montreal Exchange. Lists on Toronto Stock Exchange in 1968.

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  • UAP

    Company changes name from United Auto Parts Limited to UAP, an abbreviation still used today for many years to come.

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  • UAP New Campus

    Head office moves to site with almost 24 acres of land, where it still stands today.

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    Launch of new NAPA AUTOPRO banner program for garages and service stations, offers name-brand identification, sales promotions with local and national advertising, as well as favorable buying conditions to help participants beat competition from major chains.

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  • Alliance

    UAP partners with Genuine Parts Company. UAP/NAPA Automotive Western Partnership is created in Western Canada.

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  • GPC

    December 1998: UAP becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company.

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    Launch of new network of NAPA CMAX stores, specializing in automotive and industrial paint as well as bodywork products.

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  • NAPA Auto Parts

    Transition from UAP/NAPA trademark to NAPA Auto Parts.

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  • Sponsorship NASCAR

    NAPA Auto Parts (division of UAP) becomes title sponsor of first-ever NASCAR Busch Series race in Montreal. Sponsorship ended in 2012, when NASCAR removed the race from its schedule.

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