Over the years, UAP stores dealing in auto and light truck parts and accessories have been known under several banners, from United Auto Parts to UAP to UAP/NAPA. Today, the 600-some stores in the network are proudly displaying the NAPA Auto Parts banner, a banner that carries the esteemed reputation of the 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores operating throughout the United States.

NAPA Auto Parts stores offer a wide range of replacement parts, accessories, supplies, equipment and quality products to the consumer groups that make up their clientele, namely, repair shops, commercial fleet operators, professional mechanics, do-it-yourselfers, and automobile owners. All of NAPA’s products, from the best-known brand names to private brands such as NAPA, Ultrapro, Ultracraft and Bodypro, have become synonymous with “reliability” and “affordability.”

NAPA Auto Parts stores offer courteous, fast, and efficient service, as well as advice from qualified professionals, all in a practical store layout where everything is clearly identified with abundant, visible signage. In short… everything to deliver the most pleasant shopping experience possible.

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